13-Year-Old Commits Suicide after Being Accused of Stealing Mandazi

June 26, 2019

A family in Kiigene village, South Imenti is in mourning following the tragic death of a 13-year-old boy by suicide.

The boy’s father said the Standard 7 pupil took his life Sunday after a relative accused him of stealing mandazi from his grandmother’s shop. Narrating the events leading to the incident, the boy’s father Benson Mbaye said they had gone to church when the incident happened.

“I accompanied my parents to the church and left my son behind. Apparently, he took mandazi from my mother’s shop… His friend joined him but a relative who saw them getting out of the shop called him a thief,” said Mr Mbae.

The father said his son, in a fit of fury for being labeled a thief, locked himself inside the family house and hanged himself.

Imenti South Deputy County Commissioner Gichiri Mugo and OCPD William Maronga said the incident was unfortunate, amid the rising cases of suicides in the country.

Nkuene ward rep Martin Koome called for more counseling in schools.

“Just recently we lost a university student who committed suicide. Most of those taking their lives are young people who carried the hopes of their families,” said Koome.

Adding, “We need more counseling in schools and homes to prevent more deaths.”

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