NTSA Urges Kenyans to Use Smartphones to Shame Reckless Drivers

May 7, 2019

National Transport and Safety Authority has called on Kenyans to embrace technology in a bid to restore sanity on Kenyan roads.

As part of the ‘Speak Up’ campaign, NTSA director general Francis Meja noted that taking a photo or video of misbehaving motorists and other road users will go a long way in reducing deaths caused by accidents.

“All of you have smartphones. Take a photo and share because social media has proven to be very powerful. When it gets to us we will take the necessary action against the culprits,” said Meja.

Adding, “We must shame those drivers who are misbehaving. People will start doing the right thing at all times since you won’t know who is monitoring you.”

The DG spoke during the official launch of the 5thUN Global Roads Safety Campaign Week at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.

This year’s theme for the Campaign week ending Sunday is Leadership and Road Safety.


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