Home Defence 101: How to Protect Your Home from Thieves

May 23, 2019

Home DefenseIs your home safe from burglars? Does living in a safe neighbourhood automatically guarantee your home’s safety? Each day, your home runs a risk of being broken into, and valuables stolen. According to a research published on KGW news, burglars love a lot of cover in the form of bushes, trees, and thick fences when they burgle a house. Jewellery, electronics, automobiles, cash, and credits cards attract burglars.

Because you will not always be at home defending your property, always ensure that you put measures in place to keep your home safe.

An Alarm System Will Keep Your Home Safe

Alarm systems alert you when someone breaks into your home, whether you are in or away. Today, installed alarm devices are linked to mobile devices so you can always know the situation at home.

According to burglars, who took part in the KGW questionnaire, the sight of an alarm system kept them away from a house.

While burglars will fear to break into your home because you have a security system, these systems are not always reliable. Family Handyman reports that up to 95 percent of home alarms are false and police will be hesitant to respond to an alarm unless they get verification from another source.

Is your home safe from burglars? A reliable, internet-connected system that provides round the clock monitoring and support goes a long way to eliminating false alarms and ensuring fast response every time.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Where do you keep your cash and your jewelry? Is it under the mattress? Or maybe in a chest of drawers? It is easier for a thief to predict where you will stash your valuables.

When a thief breaks into your house, they will check under the mattress, in drawers, in portable safes, in liquor cabinets and freezers among other places. If your valuables can be seen from windows, they are not safe from thieves.

So, where should your valuables be? You can hide your valuables in a lockable wall safe, in a hollowed out book, inside foods in a freezer, in a box labelled ‘worn-out clothes’ in the garage or even inside a potted plant.

Get a Dog

Dogs are not only man’s best friends, but they can also keep your home safe. Burglars will not come anywhere near your home if you have a dog. Some dogs will bite, and others will not, but either way, the thieves will steer clear of your home.

Before you buy or adopt a dog, ensure you know the needs of a dog. For starters, you need to train your dog, and a dog trainer will cost you. You might also need a dog house. You will need to feed your dog and take it to the vet often to ensure it stays healthy.

Create an Impression That You Are Always Home

You will ward off burglars if you are always home. However, because you cannot always be home, you need to create an impression that you are.

Start by leaving a car in the driveway. When burglars see a vehicle, preferably a different car every time, in your driveway, they will think you are home and stay away from your home. If you are not home at night, you can leave lights and radio on in one of the rooms.

When you go on vacation, get someone to live in your home. If not so, ensure that someone occasionally comes to sweep the compound, take your mail and generally keep the compound looking lively like someone is leaving there.

If you are away from your home for more than a few days, do not shout about it on social media. If you are not so friendly with your neighbors, ensure you do not tell them about your vacation. If burglars think that you are at home, they will stay away.

Take Basic Defence Courses

Home DefenseIf burglars find you at home, are you trained enough to handle them?

You should be able to defend the home when the need arises. However, when you feel that your life is threatened, especially in instances where burglars come with guns, you should stay calm and let the valuables go. In such a case, be very observant to ensure you can describe to the police what the burglars looked like, talked like and whether they had any unique features that can help identify them.

If you have a gun to defend the home, do you know how to use it? If the burglars do not have weapons, can you fight them?


While weapons and firearms may scare away burglars, the best way to keep your home safe is to ensure that burglars do not come to your home in the first place. Do not advertise your valuables or wealth.  

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