Chipukeezy’s Girlfriend Reacts to Allegations of Cheating With Pascal Tokodi

May 3, 2019

Chipukeezy’s ‘main squeeze’ Kibanja has finally reacted to claims flying around that she’s unfaithful to the comedian.

Kibanja recently became the subject of rumormongering in a popular Facebook gossip group ‘Chitchat for Nairobi Mums’. Some members of the group claimed that Kibanja comes from a well-off family and bankrolls Chipukeezy, who is said to be broke.

“She comes from a well of family, and that saves Chipu his peanuts straight to his pocket. This lady does everything by herself to actually make the world believe Chipu is taking care of her, the truth is Chipu is broker than brokest, stingy is the word, since he gets paid for shows, it’s more of use me I use you and enjoy while it lasts, good for Chipu he gets to save,” read a comment in the group.

Another Facebook user alleged that Kibanja has been engaging in ‘extracurricular activities’ with actor/musician Pascal Tokodi.

“Anaishi syokimau and that’s the truth!!! Yeye na Pascal Tokodi wacha tu,” another added.

But in a Q&A session with fans, Kibanja dismissed the cheating reports with a simple response.

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