Look Away Karura Forest Goers! This HUGE Python is on The Prowl – PHOTO

March 15, 2019

I apologise in advance if I’m about to ruin your weekend plans at the popular Karura Forest but there’s a huge snake on the prowl at the urban recreational nature preserve in Nairobi.

Not to cause any panic but the python is like really huge and it is giving goers of Karura Forest shivers. For people with Ophidiophobia[fear of snakes], parental guidance is advised and you should look away right now. I’m not kidding.

In fact, the majestic African Rock python is so freakishly big that it has become a popular ‘figure’ in the Kenyan online community.

The nonvenomous reptile has been trending since yesterday after pictures were shared on the Twitter platform. Apparently, it has been spotted before, and it is not the only python in the forest.

The good thing is that experts have allayed fears of the python attacking humans, noting that the constrictor python preys on small rodents and birds that weigh less than 20kgs.

“No need for joggers or bikers to worry. Pythons are harmless; not poisonous. Stay on designated trails & any snakes will sense your presence through vibrations in bellies and get out of your way,” said Friends of Karura Community Forest Association (FKF).

Check out the python.

In 2016, another type of reptile caused a scare at the forest after a morning jogger reported encountering a crocodile.

How Kenyan Twitter reacted to the Python:

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