Forget Sonko’s Lion, These Animal Statues Suggest Kenya Has a Problem [Photos]

March 29, 2019

It’s official! Kenya has a statue problem.

If you thought Sonko’s lion in the Nairobi CBD was terrible, new pictures have emerged showing just how dire the statue situation in Kenya is.

While Sonko did explain that the ugly lion statue on University Way roundabout was incomplete, these new animal statues are complete, thereby making them inexcusable.

The animal statues portraying a Giraffe, a Lion, a Rhino, an Elephant, and a Leopard, were shared on Twitter by one, @mbithi.

He captioned the pictures, “Kenya has a statue problem”.

Kenyans on Twitter were in agreement as they savaged the statues. Check out the statues below and some reactions thereafter.

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