Three Governors to Be Arrested as EACC Targets 12 More Over Corruption

February 22, 2019

Three incumbent and one former County boss are set to be arrested over corruption-related charges as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission shifts focus to corrupt governors.

Twalib Mbarak, the new EACC boss, told the Star that the anti-graft agency is also firming up cases against 12 other governors. In some cases, investigations are nearly complete.

While Mbarak declined to reveal the identities of the three governors facing arrest and possible prosecution, reports indicate that one of them is from Nyanza region and is known to be close to Raila Odinga, the other one is from the Coast and the third is from Eastern region.

The trio stands accused of siphoning cash from their county coffers through proxies, abuse of office, failing to safeguard public resources, among others.

“We are targeting more governors because we know counties are important. Just as we have been hard on state agencies within the national government, we will not allow plunder and pilfering at the counties,” Twalib Mbarak said.

The former governor set to be arrested is accused of failing to follow government procedures and irregularly awarding a multi-million contract to a company associated with his son’s business.

His former chief of staff is also facing charges of grabbing prime public land and illegally transferring county property to his company, reports the Star.

“We have heightened operations and our undercover officers will be striking when they (the governors) least expect it,” Twalib said.

The EACC boss also noted that they have set up a joint committee with the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji to review all files before consent to prosecute is given.

“We would like to work together so all cases that we will take to court have water-tight evidence and have a reasonable chance of success,” Haji is quoted.

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