Sonko Reclaims Lane Grabbed by CJ’s Restaurant after Boniface Mwangi Complaint

February 6, 2019

The new ‘Rudisha’ campaign by activist Boniface Mwangi to reclaim grabbed footpaths in Nairobi is continuing to yield positive results.

Just a day after the former Starehe Parliamentary aspirant highlighted a grabbed backstreet lane in the CBD, governor Sonko has taken swift action.

The public lane in question is Asmah Lane, which according to Boniface Mwangi was grabbed by CJ’s Restaurant along Koinange street.

In his complaint on Monday, the firebrand activist alleged that owners of the restaurant bribed officials at City Hall and grabbed the public space.

They even erected a gate and hired uniformed guards to man the backstreet.

“CJ’s restaurant bribed officials at Governor Mike Sonko”s city hall and grabbed an entire backstreet lane, Asmah Lane. They even have a uniformed guard stationed there. Will Sonko reclaim the lane or he approves the grabbing? When you dine there, you promote corruption #Rudisha.” Wrote Boniface Mwangi.

In response, Governor Sonko Tuesday sent officers who pulled down the gate and reclaimed Asmah Lane.

“My administration will not tolerate impunity and corruption in Nairobi City County,” stated Sonko.

In a subsequent post on social media, Boniface Mwangi lauded Sonko for taking action.

“After yesterday’s post about CJ’s grabbing Asmah Lane, today Governor Sonko sent his people to remove the illegal gate. It’s a good start to reclaiming public spaces. If you know of a public space that has been grabbed in your county, tag your governor, hashtag #Rudisha #TeamCourage.”

Check out the before & after pics below.

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