Gun Vetting Exercise in Nairobi Marred by Bribery Allegations

February 7, 2019

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has instituted investigations into allegations of corruption in the ongoing fresh vetting of civilian firearm holders.

The gun licensing has been ongoing in Nairobi since Monday this week, with the DCI receiving several complaints from members of the public.

One of the complaints raised by a private gun owner was highlighted by activist Boniface Mwangj on Twitter.

The civilian firearm holder wrote, “Bonnie you should tweet that there is corruption at the gun verification vetting at CID. Files are disappearing until you remove Sh1,000. mzungus (Whites) and muhindi’s (Asians) are allowed to keep all their weapons as Africans who have gone through several trainings are being stressed.”

In response, the DCI through its official Twitter account said they are probing the allegations. They also implored the public to reach out with any more information that could help with the investigations.

“Good afternoon @bonifacemwangi. We have received this complaint & are currently investigating the matter. If anyone has more information on the same, let them DM us. Thank you.”

Gun holders in Nairobi will undergo the mandatory vetting exercise until March 7. Vetting in other regions will take place at a later date.

The exercise is expected to run until March 19. Holders are required to book online on firearms.or.ke then proceed to the DCI training college in South C with all their supporting documents for all guns, firearms, and bullets.

Firearm Licensing Board Charles Mwongera Mukindia said after presenting the documents, gun owners should fill in a form and obtain a unique identification number then proceed to DCI headquarters for ballistic analysis on their firearms.

Qualified holders will receive their new licence smart card after 10 working days.

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