‘Empress’ Lillian Muli Unleashes 8-Month-Old Dreadlocks – PHOTOS

February 20, 2019

Lillian Muli could easily pass for a Rastafarian or a member of the Nairobi business community. This is because the Citizen TV journalist is spotting dreadlocks, believe it or not.

The mother of two stunned her Instagram followers yesterday when she unleashed her growing locks.

The news anchor even gave herself a new title – Empress Number One – as she invited her followers to share their journey with sister locks.

“How many of you knew I have sisterlocks??? Yup Empress number one. Proud of my sister locks journey. Can’t wait to finally rock my own hair but only when the locks get to shoulder length. Sister locks…share with me your journey with yours if you wear sister locks,” wrote Muli.

In the comments section, fans of Muli, especially the ladies, were in awe of her natural hair having been accustomed to seeing her in weaves on TV. Some even dared her to appear on TV spotting the 8-month-old sister locks.

One fan wondered: “Kumbe you’re a naturalista ???…Karibu to the family.”

“Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️,” another Instagram user commented.

Another commenter added: “Rock them mama boys, you’re beautiful kelitu.”

“Enyewe, only Lilian knows Nziza,” another user noted in reference to Muli’s recent rant against rumor-mongers.

A fifth user posed the all-important question: “How old were you when you knew @lilmuli had sister locks?”

Check out Photos of Lillian Muli’s sister locks below.

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