Beryl Ouma Died of Strangulation, Hit on The Head Atleast 6 Times With Blunt Object

February 27, 2019

A post-mortem examination on Beryl Ouma, who died following a domestic brawl with her husband in Kahawa Sukari last week, shows she was strangled to death.

According to Government pathologist Peter Ndegwa, the 28-year-old Ms Ouma suffered head injuries as well.

A post-mortem report shows that the head injuries were as a result of being hit by a blunt object at least six times.

Peter Ndegwa conducted the postmortem with two other pathologists; Joseph Ndung’u, who was representing Ms Ouma’s family and Charles Muturi, who representing the family of the suspect, Mr Laiko Osuri.

Beryl’s family lawyer Evans Ondieki told journalists that the pathologists were unanimous that Beryl was physically strangled to death.

Last Friday, Ms Ouma’s father, Douglas Ouma Nyakach, recounted how on Thursday morning he had received distress messages from his daughter, an employee of Guru Nanak Hospital, asking him to call her at 5 am.

“I reached her on phone, but her husband picked the call. I could hear my girl in the background crying in pain and telling her husband not to lie to me, that he was killing her. She begged him to let her speak to me, but he hung up,” Mr Nyakach said.

At around 7 am, Mr Osuri’s father called him, telling him that Ms Ouma had been taken to hospital following the fight with her husband.

Mr Nyakach rushed to Uhai Neema Hospital in Kahawa Sukari where his daughter was pronounced dead on arrival.

The hospital informed him that she was taken there by Mr Osuri and his parents.

Nyakach said he suspects that his daughter died at around 5 am and that Mr Osuri’s parents were present during the fight.

He claimed that the hospital attendants had informed him that the two had tried to get them to issue a transfer letter, allowing them to take the body to the mortuary instead of involving the police.

On Monday afternoon, the two families nearly exchanged blows at the Chiromo Mortuary.

Douglas Ouma Nyakach was seen pushing and shoving one of his in-laws, prompting police to come in and separate them.

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