The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday September 5)

September 5, 2018

Here are today’s biggest stories.

Trump comes out swinging ahead of big political week

President Donald Trump couldn’t wait to launch into the fall political season, an intense 10-week conflagration that marks a hugely consequential chapter in his turbulent presidency.

Typhoon Jebi hits Japan with heavy winds and rain

One of Japan’s largest airports was swamped and a tanker crashed into a bridge as the strongest typhoon to make landfall in Japan in 25 years hit the country’s southern prefectures Tuesday, causing storm surges and lashing buildings with heavy wind and rain.

Nike’s support for Colin Kaepernick protest has some destroying their shoes

Nike’s decision to use Colin Kaepernick as the face of its latest advertising campaign has some sports fans burning with rage.

Dozens of elephant carcasses found in Botswana

Almost 90 elephant carcasses have been found during a survey of elephant populations in northern Botswana, revealing “unprecedented” levels of poaching in the country, according to Elephants Without Borders.

Four out of five adults at risk of early death in England

The vast majority of English adults are at risk of cardiac arrest or stroke due to unhealthy lifestyles that are making their hearts age prematurely, according to the government agency Public Health England.

Cairo ‘incident’ prompts warning from US Embassy

The US Embassy in Cairo warned American citizens to avoid the Embassy on Tuesday amid reports of a security incident.

Claire Wineland, inspirational speaker and social media star, dies one week after lung transplant

Wineland, 21, captivated millions of people around the world with her honest talk about illness and mortality while living with cystic fibrosis.

Mourinho ‘gets suspended jail sentence’

Manchester United manager José Mourinho has reached a deal with the Spanish state on a one-year suspended sentence in a long-running tax fraud case, Spain’s El Mundo newspaper reports. The Portuguese national was also fined about €2m (£1.8m; $2.3m), it says.

Poster prank hoodwinks McDonald’s

One day when Jevh Maravilla was tucking into a meal at his local McDonald’s in Houston, Texas, an observation struck him. In all the cheesy photos of people bedecking the restaurant, one group was not included. “There were no Asians,” he told the BBC.

Mystery kangaroo in Austria eludes police

Austrians often lament having their European country mistaken for Australia – which is 14,000km (8,700 miles) away – and a kangaroo sighting there may complicate matters. The animal, native to Australia, was spotted by residents in the forest and meadows near the small town of Kirchschlag in northern Austria.

Russian warplanes ‘bomb Syria’s Idlib’

Russian warplanes have reportedly bombed the rebel-held Syrian province of Idlib, as government troops mass ahead of what may be a major offensive. If confirmed, they would be the first such air strikes there in three weeks. Earlier, US President Donald Trump warned Syria’s Bashar al-Assad against launching a “reckless attack” on Idlib.

Electric Mercedes opens German assault on Tesla

STOCKHOLM/PARIS (Reuters) – Mercedes-Benz is set to unveil its much-anticipated electric SUV on Tuesday, marking the start of a German onslaught against Tesla’s () dominance of the fast-growing market for premium battery cars. Daimler-owned () Mercedes, BMW () and Volkswagen’s () Audi and Porsche divisions are all gunning for the $52 billion Californian upstart, with early publicity efforts emulating its tech-industry halo.

Nike shares dip as Kaepernick ad spurs boycott

Shares of Nike Inc fell nearly 2 percent on Tuesday as calls for a boycott of the sportswear giant gained traction on social media after it chose Colin Kaepernick as a face for adverts marking the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” slogan. shares fall after CEO’s arrest and release

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese retailer Inc’s () stock fell about 3.6 percent in early trading on Tuesday after the firm’s CEO was arrested in the United States on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct and later released. Richard Liu, who founded the firm in 1998, was arrested by police in the U.S.

Monica Lewinsky Walks Out Of Live TV Interview Over Clinton Question

Monica Lewinsky abruptly walked off stage amid a live television interview on Monday after she was asked whether she still expects a personal apology from former President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky, who has emerged as a vocal anti-bullying advocate since the decades-old presidential scandal, later said the interviewer had overstepped clear boundaries that had been agreed upon prior to the broadcast.

Actors, Scientists Band Together To Demand Urgent Climate Action

Two hundred actors, musicians, artists and scientists have banded together to issue a fervent plea to world leaders to act “firmly and immediately” to address climate change. Without prompt and courageous political action, the famous group warned in an open letter published Monday in the French daily Le Monde, “global catastrophe” will be imminent.

Trump Ridicules John Kerry’s Potential Presidential Bid

President Donald Trump taunted former Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday following speculation about a potential presidential election challenge in 2020. “I should only be so lucky,” the president wrote on Twitter. I see that John Kerry, the father of the now terminated Iran deal, is thinking of running for President.

Jim Carrey Taunts Trump By Hitting At One Of His Biggest Insecurities

Jim Carrey is back with another attack on President Donald Trump, and this image targets one of the reality-TV-star-turned-politician’s biggest insecurities. The actor/artist and star of the “Ace Ventura” films suggested that Trump wasn’t a “real president” in the caption to his latest political artwork, which also called out Congress and urged people to vote: Donald Trump is now inciting civil unrest at his rallies, threatening the safety of our citizens.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Overruled Staff On Alex Jones Ban: Report

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey overrode staff recommendations last month and personally safeguarded continued Twitter access of notorious extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. Dorsey also did the same for white supremacist Richard Spencer, sources told the Journal.

Victoria Beckham recreates iconic Spice Girls moments in hilarious Vogue video

Victoria Beckham is an iconic in every sense of the word – in her style, in her music, and – as it turns out – in her sense of humour. In a video for the October issue of British Vogue – which features her and her four kids on the cover – Beckham went back to her Spice Girls roots to recreate some of our favourite moments.

Not a rumor: Samsung has almost completed its foldable phone

Waiting for Samsung’s foldable phone has been like waiting for the Yeti: You see a blurry, probably fake photo here and there, but the real thing never seems to show up. But this year might be different. This is according to Samsung’s CEO of mobile DJ Koh, who told CNBC that it’s “time to deliver” this long-awaited device.

This Tiger Woods doppelgänger totally upstaged the real Tiger at a golf tournament

A tiger cannot change its stripes, but others can copy them and wear them as their own. Professional golfer Tiger Woods apparently has a true doppelgänger walking this earth and the resemblance is… just wow. The Woods doppelgänger showed up at the Dell Technologies Championship golf tournament in Boston, U.S., wearing the typical Tiger Woods uniform of a red polo shirt, cap and sunglasses.

These guys snuck a fake poster of themselves into McDonald’s to make an important point

If you’re going to pull a prank, you might as well do it right. The fake McDonald’s poster that 21-year-old student Jevh Maravilla shared on Twitter on Monday is the absolute perfect example of this. “I noticed there was a blank wall at McDonald’s so I decided to make this fake poster of me and my friend,” wrote Maravilla.

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