VIDEO: Angry Brother Beats Up Guy for Fooling Around With his Sister

August 20, 2018

Video footge has emerged online showing a physical confrontation between two young Kenyan guys in Nairobi’s Eastlands area.

From what we can gather from the clip, the fight is over one of the guy’s sister, whom the second guy is accused of fooling around with. The video starts with the angry brother, identified as Sparta, raining slaps on the hopeless romantic as he(Sparta) asks him why he is after his sister.

During the assault, Sparta asks the victim how many girlfriends he has and calls him a “f**k boy”, alluding to the guy’s philanderous ways.

“Uko na madem wangapi?…na mbona unakujia sister yangu,” Sparta is heard saying in the confrontation.

All the while, the hopeless victim just sits there and takes it while begging for mercy.

“Sparta please, Sparta please…” he begs, but Sparta is unmoved and continues to beat him up.

Watch the clips below.



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