MEDIA: Why Ebru TV is an Emerging Force

August 15, 2018

The media industry in Kenya has faced tough times as far as freedom of disseminating information is concerned. This was one of the major challenges that media practitioners faced since independence up to about 2002 when NARC Kenya came to power.
However, “freedom” enjoyed by media industry is not absolute; experts argue that the establishment still controls information that is consumed by the general public.

The government through the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has regulations that seek to control the way how the media functions in Kenya. Some of these regulations are deemed draconian by media players.

The media fraternity has a body known as Media Council of Kenya that plays the advocacy role on behalf of the media industry.

Suffice it to note that media industry is lucrative and one of leading businesses in Kenya’s economy- the revenues and international investors’ interest in the same. The media industry has gradually grown; local and international media houses operate in the country.

Below are some of the building blocks that have contributed to immense growth of Ebru TV;


Building a successful career in media industry requires a lot of commitment, research, integrity networking, talent and communication skills (oral and verbal). Ebru TV is a fairly new broadcaster that gives equal chance to young mass media graduates as well as talented youth who are keen on exploiting their talent/gift in journalism. According to Ebru TV management, “The broadcaster is keen on bringing on board the finest young brains in journalism in order to produce a masterpiece content.”


Owing to monotonous/traditional broadcasting style that the nation has been treated to for over five decades, Ebru TV content is a more local, outgoing, engaging, youthful and trendy! This has won the broadcaster massive viewership across the country especially amongst the youth. Many youth feel that Ebru TV content is local, interesting and youth oriented.


Being an entity that is set up in a country that has been highly ethnicized- thanks to politics, the broadcaster is focused on breaking the chains of negative ethnicity through offering equal opportunity and adherence to a merit based human resource strategy that aims at bringing on board talented Kenyans without profiling them; race, tribe, gender and politico.


In earnest, Ebru TV management has set out to promote and support youth in Africa who are passionate, vibrant and willing to pursue a career in journalism. She is a hands on coach and ensures that all the team members in the organization get first hand mentorship. This has seen several young persons lay strong foundation in their journalism career. This has seen the competencies of the young people under her mentorship soar to greater indices continuously.


As a cardinal rule, journalistic works collected, researched and aired on Ebru TV are verified with a fine tooth comb to make sure that the general public consumes thorough and verifiable information. With the input of experienced editors, the broadcaster is able to attain this standard operating procedure. This is one of Ebru TV’s unique selling propositions. It has helped to boost the broadcaster’s dimensions of quality of service/product amongst its growing viewership; assurance and reliability.


Giving back to the society and responsible operations is a great value that is cherished by successful companies.
Ebru TV has a regular schedule for activities that aim at improving the livelihoods of Kenyans as well as environment conservation initiatives. The activities include; academic scholarships, tree planting, tax compliance, donations to the less fortunate- among other undertakings.


Up-to-date technology is an important hallmark in communications undertakings. In fact, it sets apart players and winners!
Every media entity that wants to dominate the market must employ the latest technology in order to be in tandem with the dynamic digital world and growing consumer needs. To realize this, Ebru TV has invested in up-to-date technology.
The broadcaster has also acquired state of the art facilities and built a brilliant Information Communication and Technology team. This helps the company compete favorably and has positioned it as a tech-savvy organization. Investment in up-to-date technology has made consumption of Ebru TV’s content less cumbersome and friendly.

As a country we need to desist from “persecuting” and profiling ownership of various media houses based on their tribe, race, perceived political affiliation and gender. This levels the operating ground and attracts more investors in the field.

It’s the dream of every business entity to acquire market leadership, generate huge profits for the shareholders and maximize its positive impact on the society and minimize its negative impact on the society. Ebru TV has been able to achieve this gradually through adhering to best journalism practices and business values/ethics. Great leadership in the organization has also helped the organization to author an ambitious blueprint/strategic plan that aims to make it a leading broadcaster in Kenya and East Africa region.

Charles Muchangi Wambogo.

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