Lulu Hassan Unveils Gorgeous TV Partner After Kanze’s Exit – PHOTO

July 12, 2018

Since Kanze Dena’s appointment as Deputy State House Spokesperson in June, Kenyans have slowly come to accept that the once formidable duo with Lulu Hassan is no more.

It was a bitter-sweet situation for most people, more so for Lulu Hassan who shed tears on Sunday, June 10th when she anchored news with Kanze Dena for the last time.

Exactly a month later, Lulu Hassan has seemingly moved on and found herself a new catch. She will now be copresenting Citizen Nipashe with Kadzo Gunga.

Although new to the news desk, Kadzo has been working as a reporter at the Royal Media Services station for a number of years.

Lulu introduced Kadzo on social media on July, 10th, writing: “Meet my new partner in crime ???????”

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