Wanja Mwaura: Kenya’s Heroine Saves Another Drug Addict

June 11, 2018

She may not have gotten that NACADA appointment that she deserves but Wanja Mwaura is still doing what she does best.

For those of you who might have forgotten, Wanja is the Kenyan heroine who warmed her way into our hearts after saving a childhood friend who lived as a street urchin from drug abuse.

She was everyone’s favorite for the NACADA job after Chipukeezy’s farce of an appointment.

After saving her friend Hinga from the streets and got him cleaned up, Wanja has come through for another victim of drug abuse.

Making the announcement on Twitter, Wanja shared pictures of the unidentified lady who she said was a success story.

“Another success story. She came, we started the road to recovery from drug addiction, the change has been tremendous. Yes!! Drug addiction and substance abuse can be overturned,” wrote Wanja.

Once again, Kenyans on Twitter questioned why Wanja didn’t land the NACADA gig.

Here’s the latest update on her CV.

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