The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday June 26)

June 26, 2018

A look at some of the biggest stories today.

Turkey elections: Recep Tayyip Erdogan re-elected president

Sadi Guven, Turkey’s Supreme Election Board chief, said 97.7% of the votes were counted and “the votes that have not been tallied so far do not change the outcome.” Erdogan had declared himself the winner before the official results were announced, speaking to supporters first in Istanbul, the country’s biggest city, before flying to Ankara, the capital, to address voters from his party’s headquarters.

After family separation crisis, Trump returns to his tried-and-true tactic: ratchet up the rhetoric

His obvious conclusion is that even though his hardline populism got him into the mess, only a more unfiltered dose of Trumpism will finally sweep it away. Trump fired off some of his most raw and authoritarian tweets about immigration yet Sunday and is also cranking up his trade war rhetoric to solidify the safe space where he always returns when he’s in trouble: the embrace of his political base.

Why Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant

On Tuesday night, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, while dining at a Mexican restaurant in Washington D.C., was heckled by protesters over her defense of Donald Trump’s immoral family separations at the border.

‘I’m with Salah’: Fans urge Egyptian star not to quit

On Sunday it was revealed the Liverpool star was considering ending his international career over his disappointment at what has happened in Chechnya, where the team has been based during the World Cup at Russia 2018, a source close to the forward told CNN.

Chinese tech investment in US is next target in Trump’s crackdown

The move is expected to exacerbate tensions in the intensifying trade clash between Washington and Beijing. The planned US restrictions on Chinese investments in “industrially significant technology” are in large part fueled by American concerns about “Made in China 2025,” Beijing’s plan to boost industries like robotics, electric cars and aerospace with the aim of becoming a global leader in those areas.

China is unleashing more than $100 billion into its economy

The country’s central bank said late Sunday that it is set to release as much as 700 billion yuan ($107 billion) into the financial system by reducing the amount of deposits that most commercial banks are required to hold.

Two years in, Brexit is hurting the UK

Two years have passed since Brits voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, but the dramatic consequences of severing ties built over four decades are still coming into focus. The latest warning comes from Airbus, which said Friday that it could be forced to quit the country if it crashes out of the European Union without a deal on trading arrangements.

Prince William arrives in Jordan as he starts Middle East tour

The Duke of Cambridge was greeted by Crown Prince Hussein, the son of Jordan’s King Abdullah II, at the airport in Jordan’s capital, Amman. The Jordanian prince then drove William to a technology-focused event for young people linked to the Crown Prince Foundation.

Roseanne regrets becoming ‘hate magnet’

US comedian Roseanne Barr says she regrets making herself a “hate magnet” after tweeting a racist comment which led to the cancellation of her TV show. In a tearful podcast interview with friend Rabbi Shmuley Botea, she says she “never would have wittingly called any black person… a monkey”.

‘Rapper priest’ suspended by Kenya church

A Catholic priest in Kenya has been suspended from leading public mass for a year because he rapped during sermons, his superior has told the BBC. Father Paul Ogallo, who was nicknamed “Sweet Paul”, had to “choose between being a rapper and a priest”.

Nigerian star’s son aged one ‘drowns’

The one-year-old son of Nigerian music star D’banj has drowned in a pool at his home in the commercial city of Lagos, local media report. D’banj did not directly confirm the Sunday incident but posted a black image on his Instagram account with the caption: “Trying Times .

Westworld game hit by legal claim

Game publisher Bethesda is suing Warner Brothers over a game based around the HBO series Westworld. Bethesda alleges the Westworld game, released last week, is a “blatant rip-off” of its Fallout Shelter title. Included in the legal challenge is Canadian developer Behaviour Interactive, which helped Bethesda develop Fallout Shelter in 2014.

India actresses in US ‘prostitution’ racket

The arrest of an Indian couple in the US who allegedly ran a prostitution ring by luring female actresses from India has shone a spotlight on casting couch allegations surrounding the southern Telugu-language film industry.

Teenagers feared trapped in Thai cave

Rescue divers are searching for 12 members of a youth football team thought to be trapped in a cave in northern Thailand. Authorities believe the boys, aged between 11 and 16, and their coach entered the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai province on Saturday.

Here are all 47 artists featured in Netflix’s ad highlighting black representation

Netflix recreated a legendary photo for its new ad showcasing black artists who create original content with the streaming giant. Aired during Sunday’s BET Awards broadcast, the ad dubbed “A Great Day in Hollywood” features 47 black actors, writers, showrunners, and producers from over 20 Netflix original shows, films and documentaries.

‘The Office’ just reinvented the ABCs

It’s been five long years since The Office finale, but thankfully its supporters have ensured that the show will live on forever. Twitter user @The_life_of_ACE is the latest fan to continue the show’s legacy in the best way possible: by splicing up 26 clips from the show’s 9 seasons to create a beautiful rendition of the alphabet.

Jimmy Fallon hits back at Trump’s ‘be a man’ tweet by donating to refugee charity

Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon are getting into it on Twitter, following revelations of the late night host’s regret over a pre-election interview from 2016. Fallon revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he would’ve done the interview differently, after receiving immense criticism for giving the now-president a softball interview, which included a bit where the host messed up Trump’s hair.

The Washington Post instructs us to ‘Let the Trump team eat in peace,’ but people are not having it

The Washington Post has jumped to the defense of Sarah Sanders a day after the press secretary was refused service at a restaurant. The piece, titled ” Let the Trump team eat in peace,” was written by the paper’s editorial board.

Senegal’s team easily has the best dance moves of the World Cup

If you haven’t yet landed on who to root for during the World Cup, you should seriously consider getting behind Senegal. Sure, the men of the Senegalese team have made headlines for their incredible performances during round one of the tournament.

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