Police Officer Shoots Self and Colleague After Tripping and Falling Down

March 15, 2018

Two police officers are recovering in hospital after a freak accident that saw them get shot.

A police report indicates that one of the officers was relieving his colleague from sentry duties on Sunday evening when he tripped and fell down. As a result, his general-purpose machine gun started firing, discharging at least 40 rounds of ammunition.

The officer accidentally shot himself in his left thigh severally fracturing it completely. His colleague suffered gunshot wounds on the back and abdomen.

Police are yet to confirm whether the injuries were gunshots or ricochets from the wall.

The incident happened in Bodhai, Garissa county. Police officers serving in the North Eastern region are allowed to carry automatic weapons.

Bodhai clinical officer conducted first aid at the scene to stop bleeding and later the two were transferred to Bodhai junction KDF medical facility and later to Manda Naval Base. They are said to be in stable condition.

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