Here’s Why The Miguna Challenge Is One of The Best You’ll Ever See

March 29, 2018

Someone on Twitter joked that Kenyans are never serious about anything as you could be dying and the next minute we have a challenge about it.

That Twitterati summed it up perfectly as they described the latest online craze, hashtag #MigunaChallenge. 

Through the challenge, Kenyans across various social sites have been making the best out of lawyer Miguna Miguna’s predicament with the government.

The fiery lawyer caused drama at the JKIA when he refused to board a Dubai-bound plane meant to re-deport him to Canada, just hours after he had landed in the country.

He was also captured on tape during a confrontation with police on Monday night as he was being dragged to the airplane.

As the drama dragged on for the third day, netizens turned to what they do best; making hay while the sun shines, this time at the expense of Miguna Miguna’s astronomical pride.

Here’s why the hashtag #MigunaChallenge is one of the best you’ll ever see:


#MigunaChallenge ?

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