Moët & Chandon Unveils the Moët Wedding Experience

February 12, 2018

NAIROBI, February 8, 2018. Moët & Chandon, the world’s most shared champagne, is thrilled to introduce the Moët Wedding Experience, uncompromised finesse, luxury and perfection for every wedding celebration.

Moët & Chandon the luxury champagne house met with top event planners and key media personalities at an event held at Hemingways, Nairobi to unveil the Moët Wedding Experience.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Alexandre Helaine Moët Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa noted that, “Every wedding couple desires their wedding to be the most memorable for themselves and their guests. From the classic and intimate weddings, to glittery and full of grandeur, Moët & Chandon makes the perfect toast. It is the champagne of Kings and Queens, braced as the quintessential champagne of choice by the glamourous and charismatic, turning every occasion into a celebration graced with style”

Moët & Chandon aims at enhancing the luxury wedding experience from the marriage proposal to post wedding occasions by offering tailor-made exclusive services. These services include access to exclusive Moët & Chandon wedding essentials, champagne pairing consultancy services as well as dedicated account managers.

Janet Mwalilino from Viva Global – The Official Moët & Chandon Distributor, urged brides and grooms to embrace luxury by popping bottles of Moët & Chandon champagne. “For those seeking a wedding full of grandeur, Moët & Chandon champagnes are the embodiment of glamour and style. Get in touch with us and let Moët & Chandon be part of your auspicious occasion” She added.

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