Witch Doctor’s Spirits Confirm NASA Principals will Abandon Raila

August 15, 2017

In what appears to be a case of stating the obvious, a Teso witch doctor has said that NASA principals will “abandon Raila Odinga in the next few weeks”.

According to the Star, Dancun Omoding from Kocholia village in Busia county says the spirits have shown him all the four NASA principals will isolate their ODM counterpart.

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Omoding, who shot to the limelight after reportedly causing thieves to eat grass, also predicted Uhuru’s win.

“When I called a press conference and predicted what the spirits had told me about Uhuru, many called me names and said I was a prophet of doom. I now want to make another prophecy and only time will tell,” he said.

“Odinga will never be the president of this country. It is something beyond him. He should accept this and move on.”

Omoding, whose home in Kocholia was a haven of activities during campaigns as politicians sought divine intervention, said many of those he predicted would win were declared victors.

“I predicted the wins of [Busia Governor Sospeter] Ojamong, Senator Amos Wako among many others politicians. Those the spirits told me would lose lost despite coming to me during campaigns. I warned them.”


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