High in Love…Couple Gets Engaged at Mt Kenya’s Lenana Peak (Photos)

August 25, 2017

A 30-Year-Old man is the talk of the town after pulling off a well-executed marriage proposal at one of the highest peaks of Mt Kenya.

Kavit Mukesh Shah proposed to his girlfriend, Binita Gadhia, at Point Lenana. At 4985 metres above sea level, Point Lenana is the third highest peak after Batian (5,199 metres ) and Nelion (5,188 metres).

Mr Shah, who has been hiking since he was 15-years-old, took Ms Gadhia on her first hiking trip to the mountain. Little did she know that her first trip would also be one of her most memorable moments.

According to Mr Shah, it was a bit of a challenge keeping the surprise from her during the expedition but he pulled through with the help of tour company, Expedition Maasai Safaris.

He describes the whole experience as magical and out of this world.

“It was magical, it was a dream come true. I have always wanted to do this, and the day was perfect, everything seemed to be working out. The weather was perfect, the view was outstanding. I was very happy.”

Mukesh, who has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru and others, explained why it had to be Mt Kenya.

“I could have proposed on any of the mountains in this world, but I just had to do it on Mt Kenya. It just had to be Mt Kenya, because it is in my country, it is one of the most beautiful and one has to love their country.”

Asked whether he worried that Ms Gadhia would turn down the proposal, he said that no matter how strongly you believe in yourself and you think you know your partner, there is always that 10% chance that you might be turned down. He was not exempt from this fear and joked, “It is me who took her up there so she had to say yes.”

Asked what could have happened if that 10%  chance came to pass and he got jilted, Mr Mukesh said they would have climbed down the mountain faster than they went up.

The photos.

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