Senator Mong’are’s Running Mate Speaks Up on Alleged Clandestine Affair

July 11, 2017

The running mate of Nyamira County gubernatorial aspirant Kennedy Okong’o Mong’are has fought back rumors that she is in a clandestine affair with the senator.

Immaculate Onkangi, 25, said her relationship with Mr Mong’are is solely built on principled politics and the urgent need to transform Nyamira County.

“We are united on one key mission – to bring sanity to the county by cleaning up all the existing mess.

“If Nyamira people want to give me a husband, let them go ahead but I doubt this is my primary goal as of now,” said Onkangi on Monday.

“He had approached me solely on the account of being his running mate and this is how we ended up here. I believe he is a person of strong morals and principles and who wants the best for the Nyamira people,” she added as quoted by Daily Nation.

“In fact I challenge those who question me about my marital status to give me a husband. But of what importance [will that be yet] I’m not desperate,” she posed.

Onkangi, a former Maasai Mara University student leader said the Nyamira senator is a known married man and who should be respected on that ground instead of tarnishing his campaign with malicious allegations.

“Senator Mong’are is married. He is a man I believe has honest political intentions and should be supported by all the county residents who feel their county is headed in the wrong direction under Governor John Nyagarama,” said Ms Onkangi.

She also revealed that she is in good terms with Mong’are’s wife.

“We are on good terms with his wife and now let us focus on the campaigns so that we can have better leadership in Nyamira.”

Mong’are, who had declared his interest in the presidency, dropped out of the race after he allegedly failed to raise the required 2,000 signatures across 24 counties.

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