“It’s Reckless and Saddening.” Mututho on Raila’s Plan to Legalise Chang’aa

June 29, 2017

Former NACADA chairman John Mututho has dismissed plans by NASA to legalise and regulate illicit brew – ‘Chang’aa’ – should Raila Odinga become president.

Mututho termed the plans as reckless saying that the country has already been adversely affected by alcoholism.

According to him, there are more than six million alcohol addicts majority of whom are students at universities and tertiary institutions.

Raila promised to legalise the brewing of chang’aa as one way of supporting local businesses while on a tour in Western Kenya and during the Nasa Manifesto launch on Tuesday.

Mututho who is eyeing the Nakuru County gubernatorial seat said Raila’s promise is saddening as alcoholism is one of the major problems facing youths in the country.

“It’s saddening that honourable Raila Odinga has promised to legalise chang’aa which has killed hundreds of our youths,” said Mututho in an address to the press in Naivasha yesterday.

He added: “Anyone seeking to be a governor or a president in this country should think about addressing the issue of drugs and liquor consumption.”

Mututho also called for the establishment of more rehabilitation centers across the country.

He said that for the last one year his rehabilitation centre had treated over 600 addicts.

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