Chipukeezy Opens Up About US Tour and Conversation with Kevin Hart

June 27, 2017

Comedian Vincent Muasya alias Chipukeezy is buzzing with renewed vigor having gone on a successful tour of the U.S where he even got to meet his comedy idol, Kevin Hart.

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“If you can see it in your mind you will hold it in your hand. This man inspires me and I have always wanted to meet up with him and tell him to his face @kevinhart4real it was a pleasure man. He told me that he can’t wait to see me at the Top #i can’t make this up I can’t wait too Hollywood am coming,” wrote Chipukeezy on social media when he broke the internet about a fortnight ago.

Chipukeezy opened up more to Pulse magazine about his meeting with the renowned American comedian and actor.

Below are some of the excerpts about his U.S tour.

You quit your lucrative radio show to pursue your comedy career and all seems to be falling in place with two successful tours of the USA…

I quit radio as I wanted to do comedy full time and my aim was to go international.

In the last three months, I have been sending emails to the Improv Comedy: Family Friendly Comedy show – Dallas Comedy House, to at least give me a chance to perform at the Open Mic and they finally responded and invited me to go there.

Did this take a hook up? It sounds so easy and we know it’s not…

A Kenyan promoter who is a very good friend of mine wanted to do a tour for Kenyans abroad and so everything fell in place pretty good.

I asked him to allow me to do my own business. I had the comedy recording in mind.

Some people really want to know if you actually performed at the Open Mic. Can you confirm?

Yes. I went on stage with Michael Shawn, Godfrey Danch and Melanie Comarcho among other great American comedians.

If anyone is struggling to find out who these are, they can google.

And you are saying it just took an email…no one connected you?

You see I don’t wait to be connected. I connect myself. I don’t wait for opportunities to open doors. I send like 50 emails to Improv Comedy Club and they finally responded.

How was the reception like?

Those guys love Africans and African jokes and I can tell you that I had a time of my life. Now, that was fun.

As the first Kenyan act to showcase my comedy there, I really felt honored and took the challenge to show that I was equal to the task.

People here say Kenyan comedians only do tribal jokes. What jokes did you crack there?

I cracked jokes about Nairobi City. I told them about lions leaving the park and walking in the city for breakfast and back….remember the one that was headed to 1824 for a gig?

That sounds funny. What else?

I cracked jokes about their president Donald Trump and women.

While on stage, they behaved like look at this Kevin Hart sound alike and after the show, an actress from Hollywood came to me and said she could link me up…She said I had to fly down to Hollywood to meet him and I did just that.

What kind of a guy is he?

(Laughs) He is short, shorter than me. He is real cool. I told him that I flew all the way from Kenya to meet him and that I would love him to sign me on his new network Laugh Out Loud.

He was receptive and now has my contacts and God knows what next.

He is a real rib cracker, right?

I tell you! He looked at my hair and said “what the f**k is wrong with your hair”…He went ahead to ask if I was wearing a suit to outshine him. We really had a ball.

The great thing is that unlike what many would do, he was down to earth as he said he could not wait to see me at the top. That was the greatest inspiration I have ever gotten from anyone in the industry.

You should have invited him to come down to Kenya hometown Machakos even…

With God all things are possible. Kevin loves Africa and you can be sure he knows Kenya is a cool place to visit.

You must be feeling like the door is finally opening and you are now getting to the top?

Pretty so. It’s about taking one step at a time. I have to go international and I hear Hollywood calling…so help me God!

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