This Officer Carried an Injured Police Recruit on her Back But Netizens Think It’s Stage Managed

May 18, 2017

A picture of a female police officer carrying a police recruit on her back after she got injured has gone viral attracting mixed reactions from social media users.

The photo shows the female recruit with bandages on her feet after she suffered blisters while running during the police recruitment exercise which commenced last week.

It was shared on Facebook by blogger Robert Alai, drawing a little praise and criticism from Alai’s followers.

While we can’t blame Kenyans for finding it hard to believe a Kenyan cop could go to great lengths for the benefit of a citizen, PR or not, the officer’s gesture is a reminder that there are still good cops who believe in ‘Utumishi Kwa Wote’ (Service to All).

There’s still hope of a better Kenyan police force.

Here’s how Netizens reacted:

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