MP George Theuri Opens Free Swimming Pool in Umoja Amid Water Rationing, It’s Floor Reads ‘SWAG’ (PHOTOS)

May 23, 2017

Residents of Umoja will now be swimming in ‘swag’ (literally) and free of charge after Embakasi West member of parliament, George Theuri opened a swimming pool to the public.

The newly constructed swimming pool is in Umoja One Primary School and is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays. It has been in operation for three weeks.

Construction works started in November last year and were expected to be finished by March.

The flamboyant MP officially opened the pool over a week ago and marked the launch by taking a dive himself.

Interestingly, the pool’s flooring reads “SWAG”, perhaps in keeping up with Theuri’s reputation of “swag” and flamboyance.

However, the project which has been funded by the Embakasi West Constituency Development Fund has courted its fair share of controversy, with residents questioning the rationale of constructing a swimming pool in a neighborhood hard hit by water shortage.

In his defense, the first time legislator who will be seeking reelection in August on a Jubilee ticket explained that the pool draws its water from a borehole that has been sunk in the school.

He added that the pool is intended to host inter-school swimming competitions and is also a recreational establishment for residents.

“There are life guards on watch and we are grateful to the Kenya Swimming Enterprise for being able to volunteer five life guards who are always present during the sessions,” said Mr Theuri.

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