Suspect Hired to Murder Kiru Boys’ Principal for Sh 400K Sentenced

March 10, 2017

A man who was hired to murder Kiru Boys’ Secondary School principal Solomon Mwangi has been found guilty.

Joseph Njuguna, alias Karis, admitted to taking part in the shocking murder and pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges.

High Court Judge Joel Ngugi on Thursday slapped him with a seven-year jail term.

Mr Njuguna told the court he accepted the dirty job after being promised Sh400,000 by Mr Mwangi’s wife Jane Muthoni Mbuthi.

While handing down the sentence, Judge Ngugi objected an application by the prosecution and the defense to have the accused given a noncustodial (a punishment given by a court of law that does not involve a prison term)

The Prosecution and Defense teams had made the request, arguing that Mr Njuguna was remorseful and had assisted the prosecution in unearthing the murder.

The Judge said that although the accused did not directly take part in planning and executing the murder, he failed to act in order to stop a murder he was privy to.

He described Mr Njuguna’s actions as “wanton disregard to human life.”

Mr Mwangi’s widow, named by Mr Njuguna as the perpetrator, is facing murder charges.



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