The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Monday February 6)

February 6, 2017

Here are some of the stories making headlines today.

“I Will Not Be Blackmailed to Take Care of Other Men’s Children” Ruto

I Stand With Baba Abby: Hilarious Video After Ruto Accepted His Child

DOJ appeals travel ban ruling

Trump: ‘You think our country’s so innocent?’

Trump just got checked and balanced

Donald Trump’s most bone-chilling tweet

51 cool things to know about Super Bowl LI

Back to reality: Obamas settle into DC life

Jason Day: Losing my father was an opportunity

Facebook will capitalize on your broken heart — just in time for Valentine’s Day

On SNL, Melissa McCarthy makes a better Sean Spicer than Sean Spicer

Lady Gaga will perform with ‘hundreds of drones’ at Super Bowl LI’s halftime show

Gambling site is offering 2:1 odds that Trump will be impeached

Snapchat’s IPO reveals how many millions it cost to make a man disappear

A forgotten 1986 novel predicted a terrible Trump-like president

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Triggers Boycott Threat

O’Reilly Calls Putin A ‘Killer,’ Trump Says U.S. Has ‘A Lot Of Killers’ Too

U.S. Defence Secretary Says No Need For ‘Dramatic’ Military Moves In South China Sea

Trump Ordered To Pay $5.77 Million To Golf Club Members He Stiffed

Most Americans Think Donald Trump Is Meeting Their Expectations

TV networks hiking ad rates for shows Trump watches

Trump’s Pick For Army Secretary Drops Out

If you want to be a millionaire, it’s better to be a software engineer than a pro athlete

It would be incredibly difficult for California to pull off a ‘Calexit’ and secede from the US

The 13 healthiest countries in the world to live in as an expat

Here are all the companies that have cut ties with the Trump family

The rise of Snapchat from a sexting app by Stanford frat bros to a $3 billion IPO

2 tech titans are having dramatically different impacts on the performance of the tech sector (AAPL, FB) | 02/01/17 | Markets Insider

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