Crazy Study About Traits of Kenyan Women Cracks Up Netizens

February 1, 2017
Kenyan women during a demonstration/Google Images

The best thing about having over 40 different tribes in Kenya is that there will always be diversity and options, especially when in search of a significant other.

When it comes to Kenyan women a lot has been said and the debate continues.

However, more light has been shed on the qualities women from different Kenyan tribes possess in a recent ‘study.’

The statistics have been released on social media and the reaction has been wild. We are not sure who came up with it but it’s worth sharing.

Read below.

A study conducted by Nimesota University reveals the below statistics about Kenyan true is this?
1. TAITA- Great face, great ass, great legs,
good manners,Great cooks, no brains.
2. MAASAI- Great figure, wonderful face,
enough ass, enough boobs, great home
managers, no clit, no nyege, no brains.
3. KIKUYU- great face, great business
good brains, no ass, poor teeth, no
manners,pathetic in bed,
poor cooks.
4. KAMBA- great face,overnyegezealous,
body. PERIOD.
5: LUHYA- great legs, great ass, good
great teeth, good manners, average
average nyege, no face, no face no face.
6. LUO- great legs, marvelous ass, great
brains, great voice, great boobs,poor
cooks,very dirty, no face, no
face no face.
7. SOMALI: great face,great figure very
dirty,very dirty,very dirty. NKT.
8. KALENJIN- No face, no white teeth, no
boobs, no ass, NO HAIR, no legs, no
sometimes no clit, no brains, bad voice,
good ”wife materials” and mothers.
9. KISII- Extralarge ass, extranecessary
extrapitched voice, poor mouth breath,
no face,
no hair, no manners, great cooks and NO
10.MERU;unnecessary high voice,poor
cooks,great face,great boobs,DANGEROUS
OTHERS. Refer to your neighbour na sio tafaladhi

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