Joy Doreen Biira Replaces Edith Kimani Who is Leaving Kenya Permanently

January 17, 2017

KTN news anchor (former) Joy Doreen Biira is the new East African correspondent for Deutsche-Welle(DW).

Biira takes over from another former KTN tv girl Edith Kimani who has earned a promotion at the German public international broadcaster.

Edith held the position beginning July 2015 as the patnership between DW and KTN continues to

Biira filled Kimani’s spot beginning this week.

“We introduce our amazing new host Joy Doreen Biira, who is taking over for Edith Kimani as she begins a new role as an anchor for DW News. Biira, a Ugandan broadcast journalist currently working with Kenya Television Network (KTN) in Nairobi, will bring you the same mix of pressing environmental issues and exciting solutions from Africa and Europe alongside our host in Nigeria, Nneota Egbe,” wrote DW on its website.

Meanwhile, Edith Kimani is set to relocate to Germany permanently to take up her new position as a news anchor at Deutsche Welle (DW) headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

Early this year, Edith made the announcement on twitter posting; “My last year and a half with dwnews as the E.A correspondent has given me incredible insight into who we are/could be as Africans. Time now for another step. Permanent move to Berlin as a news Anchor with dwnews Greatful. Excited. Ready. Bis bald”

The move to Germany also coincides with her love for the country as revealed by the screen siren in a past interview.

“I don’t like Berlin, I love Berlin. It is charming, very rich artistically and historically and I have loved every minute I’ve been here. It´s a very beautiful city with stories in its walls and history in its earth. Not different from Nairobi in that way but the vibe is quite different-positively,” she said.

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