RUTO Denies Having an Affair With Wetangula’s Wife

June 9, 2016

rutoWhen Deputy President William Ruto was asked by Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed whether he had anything to do with Jacob Juma’s death, he denied it and said those who accused him are in a better position to elaborate.
However, just like most of his answers, he has perfected the act of ‘moving on swiftly’.
Without warning, the topic moved to Wetangula and his very public battering by his dear wife.
He said that the opposition links him to every bad thing that happens in the country. They use him as a punching bag whenever they’re attacking the government.
Ruto said that when news of Wetangula’s marriage wrangles broke, a local newspaper wrote that the reason the couple was fighting was because the Senator’s wife was seen leaving the DP’s office.corridor
“I have become the opposition’s punching bag… The other day when Moses Wetangula had a problem with his wife and he went to report at the police station, one of the newspapers reported that Wetangula’s wife was seen in my office before they went and fought,” he said
Of course it had to be the Star newspaper.
Ruto stated categorically that he doesn’t know and has never met Wetangula’s wife.
I don’t know Wetangula’s wife, I have never met her; we have never met anywhere,” he added.
Ruto further admitted that he has not been interviewed by the police on Juma’s murder, but is willing and ready to record a statement when requested to.

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