The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday May 12)

May 12, 2016

Here are some of today’s biggest headlines.
Revealed: Kibaki’s Hot Grandson is the Boyfriend of a Famous YouTube Star

VIDEO: Man Almost Killed by Chopper Blades As He Begged for Money from Baringo MPs

Globetrotter Larry Madowo Told To Save for Retirement. This is How He Replied

Take Her Swimming on the First Date: 80 Year Old Grandma Completely Transformed by Makeup (PHOTOS)

Nigerian President Buhari ‘not demanding’ Cameron apology – BBC News

Kepler telescope discovers 100 Earth-sized planets – BBC News

London receptionist ‘sent home for not wearing heels’ – BBC News

Indian PM Modi mocked over Kerala-Somalia comparison – BBC News

Sanders holds early lead in West Virginia

Queen: Chinese officials ‘very rude’ during Xi UK trip – CNN.com

South Africa’s new racial battleground

Colorado inmate says he is Prince’s son, sole heir

Mystery as Airbus A380 lands with square tire

New photos show Bush on 9/11

I tried to crash this drone and couldn’t

Pizza Hut delivers to top of Mount Kilimanjaro

London mayor slams Trump’s ‘ignorant’ take on Islam

Motorist shares note left by driver who bumped his car – and its hilarious

Zayn Malik sets Azealia Banks straight as she continues with VILE rant

Sir Alex Ferguson meets Mauricio Pochettino for lunch in London – but why?

Shocked customers find rude insults written by waiters on their bill

London bus bomb threat sparks station evacuation and road closure

These drinks wouldn’t cool you down on a hot day – can you work out why?

Could this be a UFO attacking an ISIS stronghold?

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