Suspected Sodomist Beaten by Mob in Limuru for Telling 12 Year Old Boy He’s Beautiful

May 5, 2016

francisA man suspected to have planned to sodomise a 12-year-old boy was given a dog’s beating on Monday evening by a mob in Rironi, Limuru constituency.
Francis Njenga is said to have tried to trick the boy into following him to an unknown destination by telling him he was beautiful.
The Star reports that a resident, James Kamau, said the boy reported the request to his father, who alerted residents and they looked for the man.
“The boy told his father that the gentleman had told the boy he was very beautiful and he wanted to take him somewhere to tell him more about his beauty. Since the boy was near his home, he left the man by the road, entered his home and told his father about it,” Kamau said.
“After a few minutes, the boy returned to the road with his father and a group of men who came to see what was happening and they started interrogating Njenga. Later, he was badly beaten and frogmarched to the trading centre.”
The boy said the man had told him to accompany him so he could tell him about his beauty without a hurry.
“He told me I was very beautiful and he needed to take me somewhere to tell me about it without hurry,” he said.
Limuru police boss Mohammed Bakuli said the suspect was treated at Tigoni Hospital then locked up at the Tigoni police station.
“We are compiling complainant and witness statements, as well as a doctor’s report so we can charge him in court,” he said.
Source: The Star

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