POLL: Was The Injured Police Airlift Merely a PR Exercise?

May 26, 2016

copsCord is blaming the police for use of excessive force, while the police are blaming Cord demonstrators for violence.
On Monday, there was a lot of bloodshed, especially in Western and Nyanza. At least 3 people are reported to have died while many others suffered injuries. Some of these from bullet wounds.
The Government said that the protesters wanted to burn IEBC offices, and that when rubber bullets got exhausted, they had to protect themselves, their guns and the property, hence use of lethal force to disperse the rioters.
Some officers were injured and a few of them were airlifted to Nairobi on Tuesday.
However, some people think it was just a PR exercise since the officers did not appear seriously injured. Many wondered whether there aren’t hospitals in Kisumu to treat such minor injuries.
Do you think the police paraded them in front of the cameras to justify use of lethal force?
Was this a PR exercise?

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