robert alaiThere was a time controversial blogger Robert Alai was a reliable source of information mainstream media could not touch.
He was a one man media house, with his tweets often relied on by the public and other media houses.
However in recent times, he has been making statements unsupported by facts, and has continued to refuse to accept wrong doing.
Case in point, on Tuesday morning he killed ‘Ngatia’ and even after the guy was found alive under under a different name – Manono, Alai continued to insist it was a government cover up. Up to this day, he has not apologized to his followers for misleading them.
Even before the Manono storm was gone, he announced that Deputy President William Ruto had collapsed and was rushed to Nairobi Hospital.
When Ruto turned up in Mandera looking healthy, Alai continued to insist that those were old photos and that there was no way Ruto was in Mandera.
A lot of people are now not only questioning his information, but his judgement too.
Where do you stand?