“Moha Shame on You! I am Deeply Disappointed” – Caroline Mutoko on Jicho Pevu Exposé

May 26, 2016

carolineCaroline Mutoko is the latest high profile public figure to express her disappointment with Jicho Pevu’s latest exposé, ‘Kaburi La Wazi.’
The former radio presenter says that she is deeply disappointed with KTN journalist Mohammed Ali and the tv station as well.
Caroline’s contention with the expose is mostly in the manner in which Moha exposed and shamed Cheryl Kitonga. As with everyone else, Caroline does not understand why everyone’s face in the piece was blurred except for Cheryl.
“I have a lot of time for Mohammed Ali and his work – BUT what he did to that young girl in his latest expose is unacceptable. Jacob Juma’s death took a back seat to a side show on a 20something year old girl who didn’t deserve to be served up on a cutting board. Moha I am deeply disappointed. Deeply,” she said.
Caroline Mutoko also questions media’s shoddy job and use of women as clickbait.
Watch that 4 minute video below:

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