Conjestina’s Brother Speaks Up on Rumors that Boxer is Dead

May 20, 2016

conjeConjestina Achieng’s elder brother, William Ochieng has quashed rumors that the veteran boxer is dead.
Earlier this week, rumors were rife on social media that Conjestina passed away amid increasing uncertainty about her status.
“Conjestina Achieng is not dead. Those who have come up with such bad rumours should consult first,” Ochieng told eDaily.
“Conjestina’s situation has not improved. She is still at home.”
He added that the former boxer’s family is going through financial difficulties.
“However, things are not good at home. Her son who is in Form Four at Maliera Boys High School has been sent home due to a fee balance of Ksh124,000. My daughter at Lwak Girls High has also been sent away from school. We urgently need help.”
The former boxing champion fled from Foundation of Hope Rehabilitation Centre in Kisumu where she was receiving treatment for clinical depression and marijuana dependency on April 29th.
On May 3th, she caused panic among family members after she confiscated several pangas from primary school going children.
“Recently (May 3th), she confiscated pangas from school-going children. The pupils had thepangas for the purpose of slashing the overgrown grass but Conjestina waylaid them and took them away from them. You can never know what she wanted to do with them – especially now that her health is unstable,” William said.

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