PHOTO – Here’s That ‘Tuk Tuk’ Ambulance for Embakasi South Constituency

April 13, 2016

embaLast week Bomet County was making headlines for Sh 7 Million fire engines that were discovered to be car wash pumps. This week, the attention is on Embakasi South constituency as we continue to unearth the rip offs some of our leaders are exhibiting in the name of devolution.
Embakasi South Member of Parliament, Irshadali Mohamed Sumra has been put on the spotlight over a ‘tuk tuk’ ambulance that has puzzled social media users. According to unconfirmed reports, the MP bought the three wheeled ambulance from his own pocket.
Tuk-tuks are mostly used as cheaper alternatives to ordinary taxis, but in Embakasi South they are apparently used as cheaper alternatives to proper ambulances.
A proper ambulance should be able to offer basic to average medical treatment, courtesy of the equipment on board.
This is the inside of a proper ambulance.
Here is the Embakasi version of an ambulance.
What a terrible joke!

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