Hilarious Biography of ‘The Great’ SONU Chairman Babu Owino You Didn’t Know

April 11, 2016

PAUL ONGILI OWINO cantagarously known as Babu Owino, Born in the slums of kondele, kisumo county (Date of Birth withheld for security reasons). He was born in a very Humble Background where they only used to eat manna.
From a very tender age he showed a lot of Resilience & Diligence.
He didn’t play with mud with his fellow kids, instead, he performed caesarian birth to expectant cows and Dragons, He is rumoured to have Killed Lwanda Magere.

Driven with the allure for a better future, he walked bear foot from Kisumu to Nairobi, through the Valley of the shadow of Death in search of greener pastures.
Babu was later on admitted to join the prestigious prondugus University of Nairobi, Which is Located South of The Kalahari Desert and North of the River Limpopo to do a degree in Bsci(Actuarial science), where he was both the Student and The Lecturer.
In 2012 He was Elected as the president of SONU (STUDENT ORGANIZATION OF NAIROBI UNIVERSITY,) Which is the 3rd Biggest Political Party after ODM & JAP.
Babu was a student of outstanding & Photosynthetic character, He never attended any classes, but used to read telepathically via osmosis, Before any Test, he used to pray Facing Lake Victoria and the Answers appeared to him Mysteriously, thus he graduated with a 1st class Honours.
His Regime is driven by the 3 Fundamental Rules:
1: A comrade is always right!
2: A comrade is Never Wrong
3: Refer to the first two
Comrades are indeed endangered species in this era we live in. I remember back at the time when i was first admitted to the university to do a degree in Martial arts, i was wallowing in mediocrity, in the so called woodley Estates (Prefabs), when suddenly a very gigantic snake, humongous, very Verminous approximately 7 centimetres cascaded on my path, Babu owino suddenly appeared from Thin air, chanted 3 loud war cries, and the snake started trembling vehemently in fear, it stood there transfixed to the ground and Perplexed as Babu did his Jujitsu moves. He grabbed the snake by its tail, as the slithering serpent sweated profusely, Babu tombstoned the snake 3 times on the murram, just as it was about to escape, marooned by fear, babu ended its life with a Pedigree ??
-By DON SANTO/Facebook.com

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