“Even the Loot from Kibaki’s Regime Couldn’t Stop Lucy Kibaki’s Death” – Robert Alai

April 27, 2016

alai2Controversial blogger and parliamentary aspirant, Robert Alai, has once again irked a large number of Kenyans after his ‘tasteless’ sentiments following the death of former First Lady Lucy Kibaki.
While hitting out at corrupt Kenyan leaders and decrying the lack of proper health care in the country, Robert Alai dragged Lucy Kibaki’s in a post on social media claiming that the loot from her husband’s regime could not stop her death.
“What these corrupt leaders looting Kenya will discover is that no amount of loot will insulate them from death. Our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers are dying daily due to preventable diseases but since greed precede service, the deaths will never end,” reads the Facebook post.
He went on to explain how Kenyan hospitals dampen the hopes of patients.
“From Hospitals in Kiambu, Isiolo, Isebania to Malaba, we can’t get proper medical care because someone must steal. Our hospitals dampens the hopes of patients as our leaders seek treatment in foreign lands.”
Then came the controversial part that had social media users elicit mixed reactions to the post.
He wrote, “Even the 7-star Bupa Cromwell Hospital could not stop the death of Lucy Kibaki. Not even with the loot from the regime of her husband. She couldn’t raid the news desk of death announcer to stop death.”
“I pray that our leaders remember to equip local hospitals because their greed is killing many more,” He concluded.
Here are some reactions from other social media users:
Qanash Hellen:  The regime of her husband…it was a nusu mkati government.I however did not hear you speak of Fidels death like this.You actually asked us to pray for mama Ida as she was devastated.I prayed for her.I did not see you question why Raos money couldnt buy Death out of Fidels way,or how comes the looting of Raos side of coalition never helped the young man out of his death.It is a shame that we cannot sympathise with bereaved families but want to create more pain for them.Perhaps one day,when someone you dearly love dies,you will learn the value of sympathy.”
Irene Jack: Robert Alai Onyango I thought the death of your brother sometimes back taught being bad or good, u will still die, respect those who are mourning their loved ones.”
Mtumishi Robert Mungai:  I like this boldness. Cowards will die poor and devastated and that’s why Nelson Mandela is an icon because he could not fear stating things as they are.”
Gonzalo Lopez: Even when this dog dies no one will give him any attention.Utazikwa kama doggy.Ths is a matter of death and your are bringing your corrupt mind in it.Someone is grieving while you are here posting nonsense to us.”
James Mwangi: i seldom meet people who celebrate the pain of others.its unhuman to rejoice the death of another human being no matter what.we have allowed politics and ethnicity to inflict bitterness in our conscience.we have lost our moral fabric.we are like dead men walking.#disgusting
Michael Kisaka: Let the dead mourn the dead, let the living speak the truth. I espouse your sentiments Robert Alai Onyango. whoever is drunk with power now should know that natural calamity doesn’t discriminate. if you move around slapping people and raiding media houses lawlessly, natural calamity takes the revenge.”
Masyula Kioko: Ukweli wauma. People here are pretending to be non-victims of our public hospitals, wqit until you loose somebody close ndio ujue pale machungu ya alai inatokea. Let Alai be, feelings pelekeeni NCIC and R.I.P Mama lucy, we loved you but God loved you more”
Mwikali Brown Becky:  Can we just mourn her in peace.  As much as you think you’re saying the truth or exercising your freedom of speech sometimes we need to be humane?? The guy just lost his wife for Christ’s sakeYou would have reserved this post for another day?!!2
Eulysis Muiruri Njoroge: Robert Alai Onyango “you are not worthy to be a leader anywhere. remember there is time for everything. time to be born and time to die. you create soo much pain to people with your recklessness”
Ricky Ross Kinyanjui: I hope you’re immortal coz the day u pass on many of us will be signing autographs on your casket bro. Akili c kama kifuniko ya soda ati ukifungua soda itakua flat”
Mwaura Peter: “A mad man may speak a true word, but you just watch him, he will soon add something that will show you his mind is not okay!
That aptly describes this buffoon.
You should have held your peace or do the comparison at a later date.”

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