The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday March 9)

March 9, 2016

Some of the biggest headlines today.
Is ISIS going broke?

Maria Sharapova fails drug test

North Korea hacked government officials’ smartphones, South says

What to watch on Super Tuesday 2

Total solar eclipse to sweep across Indonesia

Boston marathon bombing survivor dies in Dubai crash

MH370: What we know 2 years on

Kim Kardashian slams Piers Morgan after he jokes about her nude selfie

‘Ugly’ animals don’t get the same attention as cute ones, study shows

Illinois woman, giving zero f*cks, drove around with a 15-foot tree on her car

Scientist plans to clone extinct Siberian cave lion preserved in permafrost

Jada Pinkett-Smith finally responds to Chris Rock’s Oscar joke

Maria Sharapova’s failed drugs test lost her a $12.5 million a year deal with Nike

Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and Larry Page were at a private event where the ‘main topic’ was stopping Trump

Check out these pictures of underwater drones – the future of submarine warfare

Facebook has an idea for software that detects cool new slang before it goes mainstream

Chinese phone company OnePlus paid $300,000 to have its smartphones appear in ‘House of Cards’

Jury awards $55 million to Erin Andrews in lawsuit over nude video taken at hotel

Trump tower’s Chinese investors buy a path to U.S. citizenship

Facebook sets sights on NFL streaming

Suarez returns to Liverpool as Barca star is welcomed back to Melwood

We rate 10 managers out of work and waiting in the wings

Manchester United defender Shaw eyeing Euro 2016

Leicester fans celebrating goal created 0.3 magnitude EARTHQUAKE

Amal Fashanu claims she knows of seven gay Premier League stars

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