Peter Kenneth: The NYS Scandal is Teaching Us Something

March 2, 2016

pkAfter a long silence, Peter Kenneth has spoken on the NYS Scandal.
Here’s what he posted on Facebook.
The NYS scandal is an eye-opening experience. We are watching a house of cards crumble right in front of our eyes but there is more to the NYS Scandal than just drama. We are being schooled.
We are being taught that we need to make better choices. This is what happens when we choose leaders based ethnicity-they take our country to the cleaners and think they can get away with it.
We are being taught that when power is accountable to the tribe it is the treasury that suffers the most. And when the treasury suffers poverty thrives.
We are seeing how various leaders betray us; we are being shown how little respect our leaders have for our taxes and for us-we must watch and learn.
We are being shown how our leaders convert tribalism into cash-this is what happens when the polls close and the voters go home.
This is possibly just a tip of the iceberg. We probably have no clue about the depth of corruption in government but we certainly know the cost. We see it in our unemployed youth, and in the state of our schools and health facilities.
The scandal is teaching us a lot of things; the question is how long we are going to be in class-the choice is ours.

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