MOTORISTS BEWARE! There’s a Notorious Gang Robbing Drivers Along Rabai Road – PHOTOS

March 11, 2016

Since this year started, cases of highway robberies have been on a yeasty rise with the most affected road being Mombasa Road. However, the vice has seemingly crept to other roads within Nairobi. The newest motorists to fall victim to highway robbers are those that ply the Rabai Road.
As it comes out, an unidentified gang has been operating when darkness looms as well during the early hours of the morning before dawn crack. They are said to attack most when cars get stuck in traffic jams or when a driver slows down to avoid a pothole. Open car windows are also another catalyst that makes them carry out their acts pretty quick.
So, in case you are using Rabai Road route, you ought to be on high alert and little bit more careful. Below are some photos taken by a driver who witnessed a car in front of him being robbed.
Rabai Road robbery 2
Rabai Road robbery 1

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