Complaining Avocados are Now Selling at 40 Bob, Americans are Buying Each at Sh400 and They’re Not Disturbing Us

March 18, 2016

Not even the staunchest Jubilee supporter can defend this. This government have erased all of Kibaki’s economic gains and the economy is in shambles.
Almost everyone is making less than they were a few years ago, yet the prices of basic commodities keep on rising. The biggest puzzle of course has been how the cost of a single avocado has risen to 40 bob. I mean, these things were going for 5 bob a few years ago.
But if you thought you’re being ripped off, you’ll be relieved to learn that in some places in the US, a single avocado goes for more than Sh400.
They even peel and pack them over there.

Price $3.99 (Sh404)

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