Valentine’s Fever: Nyeri and Kisumu Hotel Get on the 7 Figures Bandwagon

February 5, 2016

Valentine’s Day is just a corner around and everyone in love right now is burning with desire to express how deep rooted their affection is towards their partner when the day dawns. Come the much awaited lovers day, a hotel in Kisumu town will be charging customers half a million for for two nights.
According to Acacia Premier Hotel’s advertising fliers, the above quoted price will entail a helicopter ride across Lake Victoria then a lunch on an undisclosed “picturesque island” that will be prepared by a chef of ones choice. The second day will include a yacht ride on Lake Victoria summed up with a romantic candle-lit dinner.
Another hotel in Nyeri known as Giraffe Ark Game Lodge will be charging 1.2 million shillings for a Valentine’s Day weekend getaway for couples. Aye! In case you have money to blow on this day now you know where to waste it at.
Here’s an inside look at the luxurious Kisumu hotel.
accacia 4
accacia 3
accacia 2 accacia 1

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