The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday February 25)

February 25, 2016

Here are some of the big stories today.
Donald Trump wins Nevada caucus

Nepal: Small plane goes missing with 21 on board

Egypt: Officials admit mistake over toddler sentence

Anomalisa: This year’s unlikeliest Oscar contender

U.S. general: North Korea would use WMDs to save regime

Bible, driver survive after car bursts into flames

UK nurse who had Ebola hospitalized again for ‘complication’

What does Bill Gates really think about Apple and the FBI?

An exhibition dedicated to ‘Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun’ is happening

Dream or nightmare? Girl wakes up from surgery convinced she is Kylie Jenner

Showing the view from your toilet is the newest meme, for some reason

Amazon quietly pulls all hoverboards from its site

Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona: Lionel Messi scores brace for Spanish giants

‘I don’t give a f*** for physical condition’ Pep Guardiola loses cool

STATS SPECIAL: Lionel Messi finally scores past Petr Cech

Arsenal’s two goal deficit is a ‘lost cause’, says Rio Ferdinand

‘I believe things are starting to happen here’: Ben Carson vows to fight on despite another sizable defeat

The 17 most unsafe cities in Europe

Watch this drone make the record 72-minute flight across the English Channel

US regulators have approved Dell’s $67 billion purchase of EMC

How Tom Hardy went from an unknown actor struggling with addiction to Oscar nominee

A Stanford grad who raised $40 million thinks he’s figured out how to get rid of Wi-Fi dead spots in your house – and it actually works

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