RESPECT: Gallant ‘KDF Soldier’s’ Romantic Valentine’s Message To Girlfriend from Somalia

February 18, 2016

valThis picture has been trending on social media this week and a lot of people cannot quite understand.
A ‘gallant KDF soldier’ sent his girlfriend the picture from Somalia, explaining why he cannot be with her on Valentine’s.

“Dear girlfriend,
I write with tears flowing. I would have loved to be with you during Valentines but am in Somalia fighting for my country. See you on Monday when I come back.
Yours sincerely,
KINGS” wrote Simon Kings on Instagram.

Well, on first glance, it looks like a genuinely romantic message from a man to his girlfriend, made special by the fact that he is fighting for our country in unfamiliar land.

This is the stuff that makes good reading, if only he was not somewhere in Nairobi playing a game of paintball.

We have not established whether the girlfriend fell for this.

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