Posta Kenya Launches Email Service… But There’s one BIG Catch

February 12, 2016

PCK Head Of Marketing Dan Kagwe

After years in the dark, Posta Kenya has entered the 21st century by launching its own email service.
It promises that their’s will be secure and convenient. The service that is mainly targeting corporates, is meant to increase revenue for the 4 decades old corporation.
“We are targeting some 1.2 million users in the next six months,” Post-master General, Dr Enock Kinara said in Nairobi after the firm launched Postal Registered Encrypted Mail (Prem).
“We are targeting institutions such as the judiciary where we expect lawyers to utilize the technology to file cases and service their clients with documents,” he added.
While Posta’s new product is welcome, it really has no edge over existing giants like Gmail and Yahoo. Their main selling point seems to be the ‘Track and Prove’ feature, which can be equated to Whatsapp’s ‘Seen ticks’.
However, existing email platforms like Gmail have addons that let users know when an email has been read.
Some of these are available for free, yet Posta is charging for their service.
They do have a free option, but that only allows you to send 10 messages per month.
For Sh250 per month, you can send 25 messages, while a corporate with 1-10 users pays Sh1500 for 100 messages per user… What are we in, Telegram age?
It will be interesting to see whether this will be successful.

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