LOVE GONE SOUR! Kenyan Man On the Run Wanted For Battering and Killing His Wife – PHOTOS

February 8, 2016
Though this is dubbed the month of love, cases of domestic violence have taken center-stage on media headlines since the first week of February. Just a few days after a drunk man beat his pregnant wife nearly causing her a second miscarriage, yet another sad story of love gone sour has flooded social media.
According to reports, a man named Salim Kiprono Serem is wanted by the police after the beating and killing of his wife. Autopsy results revealed that Sharon (the late wife) died as a result of continuous beating that had caused injuries to her internal organs. Her heart, brain, liver and the spinal-cord all had blood-clots and discharge.
Shortly after her demise, Mr. Salim is said to have gone into hiding and is still at large. Relatives, friends and the police are urging anyone with details of his whereabouts to report to the nearest police station.
Photos of the man and his late wife.
Salim Kipruto Serem 10
Salim Kipruto Serem 3
Salim Kipruto Serem 2
Salim Kipruto Serem 1
Salim Kipruto Serem 6
Salim Kipruto Serem 7
Salim Kipruto Serem 9
Salim Kipruto Serem 8
Salim Kipruto Serem 5

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